First Impressions On Deadpool

A couple of night ago, whilst crashing at a friend’s house, I saw him complete an entire playthrough of Deadpool in six hours, from Nine PM to Three AM. And, I have to say, it appears to be one of the most fun games I’ve ever seen. Fun, however, is taken in the Mighty Boosh, Saint’s Row kind of way, in that it is hilarious because it appears to be the ramblings of a deranged madman.


Deadpool, for those of you whom are unaware, is one of the most popular characters from the Marvel Universe. The Merc with a Mouth is the perfect character to have his own game, especially an over the top comedy of this style, which would probably use the word ‘outrageous’, if it wasn’t styling itself as a parody in parts. That is (possibly?) one of the problems with the game as a whole, in that I don’t really know what it is. Is it a parody of modern gaming in general, of the comic book industry, or a serious foray into the ‘beat ‘em up’ genre (if there ever was a serious attempt at the genre)?

Well, taking what we know of Deadpool from the rest of the Marvel Universe, there is only one possible option for the game. Deadpool is a parody, of a parody, of itself. This game is almost a piece of Post-Postmodernist art in of itself, which, I must hasten to point out, does not necessarily mean the game is good. It is certainly fun, and if you don’t laugh at least once whilst playing it then you’re probably a sociopath, but good is not the word I would throw around the game. The gameplay is repetitive as it is in every Beat ‘Em Up game. I suppose a gamer who really loved this genre might believe the gameplay to be perfection they have been seeking all their lives, but I had more fun watching my friend play it than I have had playing it myself.

The only reason this game is good (hell, the only reason I think this game is playable), is for the exact same reason that everyone bought it. Because it’s Deadpool! The game is hilarious, with its accessible references, its accurate portrayal of Wade as a character, and the consistent break down of the fourth wall, for which the ‘Pool is known for. In the first mission, you have the opportunity to actually ring up Nolan North, and ask him to voice the character he is talking to, in the game he is ringing him up in. Post-postmodernism, for the win!DeadpoolScreen_BathroomBreak

For every important character in the game, you are given the opportunity to view a brief back-story about their comic book lives. Hell, Cable even gets his own theme song (which may or may not currently be my ringtone, but whatever)!

In all good conscience, I cannot suggest this game for the gameplay, unless you are already a huge fan of the genre, but I would certainly recommend the title. Deadpool makes the game enjoyable, though I’m still not entirely convinced I would call it a ‘good’ game, it is one of the best-written, funniest games I have ever played, almost rivalling Conker: Live And Reloaded for the amount it made me laugh.

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