GTA V: Multiplayer Delay

It appears that the GTA V multiplayer will not be available until October 1st, where as the game will be released on September 17th. Surprisingly, I have yet to see anyone on the internet raging about this decision, in fact, the general attitude seems to be one of acceptance, or even support.

I will admit, that is the camp I’m in. It will stop people buying the game immediately for the multiplayer, instead making them play the single player, which many players would overlook, judging by the apparently amazing quality of the online modes.

However, I can’t help but feel the internet’s stance on this is kind of double-sided. If the Call of Duty multiplayer was locked until the month after the game’s release, the audience would go insane with rage. Remember when the Ballista and the DSR 50 sniper rifles were made milliseconds slower, and the design director received death threats over his Twitter feed. It makes you wonder how the internet can have such polarising sides, and I have to say, I think GTA V is looking better than any Call of Duty ever ha. (Haters gonna hate, right?).

Obviously, I’m proud of the way the internet has responded. It may go some way towards making Gamers appear less like, loud-mouthed, spoilt, ignorant, whiny little bitches that the media sees most often, thanks to these bastards who issue death threats over an imaginary gun shooting 0.2 of a second slower than they want.

The term, ‘Get a grip’, comes to mind.

What about you guys? You lot happy with the delayed multiplayer, or are you already typing out death threats, or promises of rape to Rockstar personnel?

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