First Impressions on Payday 2

Payday 2 is, surprisingly, the sequel to payday: The Heist, a game which I never actually played, but of which I consumed any video or Let’s Play that I could find. I loved the idea of the game, simply robbing a bank and then escaping. It’s like the best part of GTA IV, but with an entire game built around it. The only criticisms I heard of the first game were the lack of variation in locations and weaponry, and I was looking forward to picking it up next time it went on Steam sale. But then Payday 2 was announced, and I elected to wait for this release. Thank God I did, because I have fallen a little in love with the game.


The main delay, in fact, behind writing this First Impressions was my inability to tear myself away from the game. I’m hardly great at it, in fact, I don’t think I’ve actually managed to finish a mission with any degree of stealth, despite my heavily stealth-based class. In fact, the best aspect of the skills I’ve given my character so far, seem to be the fact that enemies will shoot at my teammates rather than me (a selfish skill, I know, but one that is quite incredibly useful) and the ability to bag and tag any officers or security guards we take down whilst still making a pretence at stealth.

The missions change, some re-using the same area, but changing your target, changing the spawn points and mission objectives, such as security rooms, vaults, cash registers, key cards, safes amongst others. It is this freshness that stops the mission growing stale and repeated. Although we have played one level so much, a certain Bank Heist mission, that we have a basic plan that the guys and I try (stress being on the word try) to enact before the fourth member of our party, typically some random denizen of the internet, puts his mask on and starts a fire-fight in the lobby.


Most Heists last a day, but there are some that resemble somewhat of a miniature campaign, which can last up to three days (that I’ve seen so far, but it does look likely that once you reach a higher level, longer ‘campaigns’ may be unlocked) , which you only get paid a great amount for on completion of the Heist as a whole.

Loot is all important, you being able to purchase better weapons, create new masks and add attachments to your weapons (once you’ve unlocked them via the ‘Payday’ card system, which allows you to gain one random item after every completed Heist). You even need cash to upgrade your skills, along with the upgrade points you receive after levelling up.

Expect a much more ‘in-depth’ article at some point soon about this game, but I assure you, if it is to take the form of a review, it will be a heavily positive one. The only reason I’m not writing it already, is because I really want to get back to Payday, before all the good Heists get snatched up.

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