Total War: Rome II: Post-Launch Problems

So, I was meant to be putting out a review of Total War: Rome II today. The game was released yesterday morning, and I had a blast on it! I powered through the prologue in a couple of hours, ready to begin my path to world domination as the Iceni, (the only playable British tribe in the game). I got a few hours in last night, so I started writing down my first impressions. I figured I’d actually do a full review on the title, which is part of a series I am a huge fan of, rather than just a first impressions style thing.


So, I go to load it this morning, and it won’t even get past the launch screen. I then discovered, it isn’t just because my PC is getting old (I’ve had it for almost ten years now), but a massive chunk of the audience appears to be suffering the same, or even worse, problems with the title. These range from the game ‘not responding’ during launch, like mine, but also graphical and audio glitches, blue screens, freezing, crashing and probably eating the player’s intellect and sense of decency alive, judging by some of the comments I’ve read. I’ve no idea what brought this on, but I’ve already seen it being compared to the launch of the latest SimCity.

I don’t mind waiting for a patch, which Creative Assembly have already claimed will be released on Friday, but it is the thought of what these problems will have on the reviews the game will receive from users. Like a lot of people, I pay attention to reviews, but I always tend to take them with a pinch of salt, especially if they are from a big name site, like OXM, PC Gamer or The Escapist, but I can’t help but feel that reviews from Gaming Bloggers or over Steam make more of an impact on whether I buy the game or not.

I get that games often suffer from launch-date problems (or, for me, day after launch-date problems), in fact, they are often expected, but they should not be so bad as to leave half your audience clamouring to simply be able to play the game.

So, with that in mind, there won’t be a Total War: Rome II review from me, at least until I can get back on the game, to get a wider experience from the varied factions, battle modes and situations. So, you know, Nutrientibus in eo nerds!

(According to Google Translate, that was Latin for ‘Suck on that, nerds’. I’m still in a Roman mood from the title’s prologue campaign… I’m sorry.)


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