First Minecraft Texture Pack: Mass Effect!

Hey! The first texture pack is out for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

And it’s Goddamn Mass Effect! Now you can play as both Shepards, along with companions such as Garrus Vakarian, , Ashley Williams, Mordin Solus and Aria T’Loak. There are even a variety of Husks and Geth characters, for those desiring to play the game with a more… robotic appearance, including a model of Legion, with the hole still in his chest.

Getting the Gang back together!

The textures themselves will take some getting used to, especially in a randomly generated world, with Cobblestone appearing more technologically advanced than Smooth Stone. Unfortunately, wildlife appears unchanged. I can’t be the only one who was hoping for Turian skeletons, Krogan Zombies or some kind of cyber-duck? (Okay, I know the last one is a little random, but goddamnit, I want a farm of Cyber-Ducks!)

Fem Shep: Professional Badass

It retails for £2.49, in the U.K at least, and looks like a fair enough start to the 360 texture packs. Let’s just hope for a Skyrim one to be released in the near future! Plus, I can’t be the only one thinking some kind of Lego texture pack would look pretty cool in Minecraft? Preferably a LOTR or DC Universe based pack?

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