A (Brief) Look Back At: Gamertags & Profile Names

This little wonderment contains the most spelling mistakes I have ever had in anything I have ever written, ever. The problem is, they are all deliberate representation of the Goddamn identities we see every day. It makes you weep for the future, doesn’t it? Obviously, not you, you’re too cool to weep. It’s either a solid bawl or nothing for you, am I right?

The Payday 2 Crime.Net system, that which allows you to find and either join or begin Heists, has made a topic which has always annoyed me become much more prevalent and noticeable. Now, I’m proud of my Gamertag, well, as proud as one can be of a word. But that is why I’m proud of it, because it is an actual word. It may well be Latin, but it is still a word. There are no gaps between the letters, no alternating capital X’s, no reference to my ability with a sniper rifle or whether I am a ‘Loner’ or not.


Obviously, you will have seen and, the chances are, you even HAVE a Gamertag (or any kind of profile name) which bears at least some similarities to ‘ii L0N3 SN1P3Z ii’, ‘xXx R 8 Z 0 R xXx’ or ‘Sp4r4n mLg Kii11A’. I couldn’t bear to have a name like that. Imagine every time you earned a kill in a game, every time you signed in, every time you sent a message or even simply joined a game, just imagine any of THOSE popping up at the side of your screen.

I don’t know when it happened, but it seems to have changed from having the odd person in a game, with some stupid, and often misleading, (I’ve lost count of the times someone who calls themselves an ‘MLG’ has been a twelve year old who cannot stop screaming ‘faggot’, a topic I believe I’ve already made my opinions clear on). This certainly has at least something to do with it, I think. People over an online gaming service, such as Steam or Xbox Live, take these things as they’re identities. So, should I really be surprised that immature arseholes, who really don’t think that their Gamertag has anything  to do with whom they really are, are using names like ‘Eggzot1cz HuNt3r’? I know for a fact that I have come off as incredibly judgemental during this little rant, but that is because for things that I believe violate human rights or something which I hold dear, I am. (I mean, it’s almost a torture to see these kind of names on a regular basis. They should put that shit in the Geneva Conventions!)

I may well be in the minority here, (in fact, judging by the prevalence of these names, I’m sure I am), but perhaps there is some psychological effect here, that I just don’t understand? What if the name ‘pR0 G4M3rZ’ strikes fear into the first of every other player except for me? Or is it likely to become one of those circumstances which seem to be mentioned every other day on Facebook, where you have to give someone the email you had when you were twelve? Are these ‘1337 Sh0tTy’s’ going to be the ‘bubblegumprincess@hotmail’s’, or the ‘goatcheesefish@yahoo’s’ of the next generation?

So, do you guys feel ashamed whenever you have to tell someone your profile name? Or are you proud of it, no matter how many similar names there are, how many letters have been replaced with numbers or how many alternating capital X’s it may possess?

All of the above are Gamertags and emails I made up. If they do happen to be yours, (or those of someone you know), then either you, (or they), should be ashamed of your inability to come up with anything, at least relatively original.

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