GTA V: Release Day

So… here we are at last. Grand Theft Auto V, the game which looks set to define the standard by which we measure perfection, was released barely an hour ago. Obviously, like the millions whom pre-ordered the title, I will not be holding it in my hands until it leaves the courier’s, but for the first time in a long while, I can barely sit still with the excitement.
Of course, I had trouble sleeping the night before Total War: Rome II was available for download, and even when I finally did nod off I woke up at barely two hours later feeling as refreshed as if I had slept for a solid eight hours.
Before these two titles, it had been a long, long time since I felt anything near this level of excitement for a game, and now they are released barely two weeks apart. There must be some cruel divine interest here, to tear me away from one title that I have been looking forward to, simply to play another, but I can’t summon the desire to complain about it.
I fear that GTA may not be as good as I imagine it to be, in fact, I have been avoiding most information regarding GTA since the multiplayer trailer; for fear that it would either ruin my surprise at the game’s quality, or begin to systematically ruin my excitement for the title.
So, if you don’t hear from me for the remainder of today, then I have fallen in love with the single-player game. I find it likely that I will be writing some kind of rambling review about the game, at least until the multiplayer is released on October 1st. Once that bad boy is released to the world, I fail to believe I will be available for anything except breaking into virtual banks, and tearing along virtual highways.

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