It’s a-free (for an annoyingly short period of time)!

As I’ve already said, my first Novella will not sell. I know that. Which is why I intend to make it free for as long as the Amazon promotions will allow me to, just in the vain hope that I can either:
A :- Gain some sense of gratification from the knowledge that words I loosely strung together, whilst sitting at my desk at three in the morning, are being read by others,
B :- That I can justify to myself the act of writing it, even if only a few people bother to download the thing, or
C :- That I can get some kind of reponse, whether negative or positive, from the general readership.

anjc edited-1-page-001

I wish I could say that C was the entire reason I allowed the book to escape my obsessive clutches, but that would be dishonest to you and, more horrifyingly, dishonest to myself.

So Adjective Narcissism goes free for five days, starting on the 21st of April! I hope you find the time to pick it up, and I’d really appreciate any feedback from you!

Thanks guys!

3 thoughts on “It’s a-free (for an annoyingly short period of time)!

  1. Congratulations for getting your book out!

    If you do want to make it permanently free, here is the trick a lot of authors use. Publish it on another platform which allows you to set a zero price. Then have your family, friends and readers “report a lower price” from the Amazon’s page of your book. They lower the price to match the minimum one and will make it zero priced.

    Advisable only if you want it to be free forever. I am not sure if it is easy to get the prices back up.

    – Jaya

    1. Thanks for the tip! It’s definitely something I could do with looking futher into, even though it feels like a slightly underhanded tactic, despite there being nothing which would make it underhanded 😛
      It’s probably just my over-active conscience making me think that way XD

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