So, today I finally had enough free time (and access to my very own tablet PC for the first time, woo! Although I am typing this on my tablet so, it is likely, that there will be a few apostrophes out of place and possible spelling mistakes but, y`know, sometimes you just gotta roll with it.) To download and play the first part of the SORCERY! Game. Based off of Steve Jackson`s old rolepaying game, it is essentially a `choose your own adventure’ book for the digital age. I enjoyed it, I don`t mind saying, and I can’t wait to play the next part (if it ever gets ported to Android). So, I decide to do a little research on the thing and I found the website that created it, Inkle, not only offers you the opportunity to create your own `choose your own adventure` story with a minimum of fuss, but it also had an adapted version of Mary Shelley`s Frankstein available as an interactive story.
For those few who will have heard me go on about it, I love finding news ways to interact with narrative and Frankenstein has been one of my favourites for years. So, for tonight, there`ll be no relatively dull opinion piece, or supposedly `creative` text, and I`ll be going into further detail next time, along with going on about how awesome (or terrible) this adaptation of the Modern Prometheus is. But, for now, I`m going to go give the adaptation a try.

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