Narrative Voice?

Okay, so I’m meant to be reading the Inkle adaptation of Frankenstein at the minute, I got distracted by that ever-elusive muse ‘An Idea’, sue me!

Anyway, after the *SARCASM ALERT* massive success *SARCASM ALERT* of my first Novella, (which has been downloaded almost sixty times, although almost fifty of those were during the free five days which has now, unfortunately, ended), I have begun writing something that is a little more legitimate and, a mere thousand words in, I have run into a problem.

Do I write in third-person, or first? I have more experience writing in first, of course, but then I feel as though it meanders a little too often, the narrative becoming lost in the idle musings of the character. Though I would never compare myself to such a writer as, essentially, badass as he, my tutor told me that when I did write in first-person I would begin to sound somewhat ‘Joycean’ (which is probably the greatest compliment I have ever received!).

However, third-person (when I write it, anyway), always sounds somewhat expositional to me, as though I was telling some, very basic, fairy story to some, very backward, child. At the minute I’m writing it in third-person, simply because less will be wasted if I suddenly decide to alter the narrative voice, and it might help me get a few more ideas down for what, exactly, the plot will develop into being.

But, I don’t mind admitting, I am somewhat stuck! If any of you guys have any advice about which voice you prefer to use, or read, then I’d really be grateful for it!

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