The desire to self – review!

I don’t mind saying that, whilst I think I am capable of writing prose, when it comes to describing my own work, my mind immediately draws a blank. Maybe because it becomes too introspective, or simply because I’m too narcissistic to see anything other than the meaning I have attempted to convey, whether or not that is actually what the reader can draw from the text.

For those few people whom I know in real life, (as though this blogging community was simply a figment of my imagination), they have tended to understand what I am trying to say, but I feel that a better description on my amazon page may well get more people to read it. Simply, that is the thing I want most. I want people to read what I want to write and to get some kind of feedback on it.

So I have decided to employ a tactic I read about a while ago, and then dismissed as a worthless exercise. I am going to read my Novella through, (now that I’ve finally finished the Frankenstein Inklebook app), and I am going to review it as though it were a text by someone else.

Honestly, I expect this exercise to be a failure, I expect myself to fall into the trap of believing that my work is perfect, or to react a I normally do and malign every word which has previously emerged from these fingers.
But anyway, I am going to attempt to summarise every chapter and, if I can stomach it, evaluate it as though it were an author’s creation. I like to think that I am, if not good, then at least tolerable at such review writing. I regularly reviewed video games, until my writing and university work took over my life, and I have reviewed Will Varley’s Novella, Sketch of a Last Day, on this blog before, so I hope I can maintain the same level of original neutrality when approaching my own work.

Thanks for reading guys, though little has actually been mentioned in this post. I really appreciate it!

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