Fodder for my narcissism!

So, (I think I start too many of these posts with ‘so’, I really need to work on finding another word to express the awkwardness of, essentially, communicating with people I have never, and probably will never, meet) I don’t mind saying that I have been put in a particularly good mood. This is because, simply, someone who had read my novella (or a third of it at least) said they were enjoying it. Well, the words he actually used were;

’Pretty impressive so far. The blend of arrogance and insecurity is interesting, kind of how I imagine a Jean-Luc Godard story would look if he ever wrote one with a character that was a film critic who hated Godard’s films. It’s enjoyably dislikable, like being stuck in a traffic jam where everyone is slightly more pissed off than you. I’m not sure if that’s complimentary or not, but I definitely think you’re a good writer.’

Whether it is sincere or not, (though I have no reason other than my own crippling self-doubt to believe it is not) I just appreciate that someone had taken the time to read something that emerged from these fingers! These fingers, which have been attached to my hands for a little over 21 years. I don’t know why, but that has made me pretty fucking happy!

So, (there I go again, someone please stop me from writing ‘so’ at the beginning of paragraphs!), another excerpt or two from the (very) nearly finished version of my next Novella, currently titled Idiomatic Metaphor. I know, catchy name, am I right?

Anyway, once again, I abuse the opportunity to plug the novella that this commentor has (so far) enjoyed disliking… Or disliked enjoying, which ever way you prefer to read it.

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