Some News.

So in a sudden, and unsurprising, event, and now that I have finally finished writing coursework for university, I have started writing a novel. A long one, one you could even call a fiction. For those few of you whom have read Adjective Narcissism, you will know that I tend to reject such things as narrative and any idea of a relatable character. Experimentation, if not innovation, is what interests me in literature. The narrative for this novel; yes, a work of mine actually has a narrative, is not a genre-specific one, as most self-publishing is wont to do. Don’t worry, it is written in first-person, so there’ll be plenty more opportunities to show off my ‘acerbic wit’.

Anyone, it was just a quick update, there are a few things I need to work out, but I alreay have upwards of 10,000 words, and so I have little doubt you will be seeing more on the subject as I write it.

anjc edited-1-page-001A gentle reminder, if you do fancy reading something self-published that isn’t just more genre-fiction, then you can grab a copy of  Adjective Narcissism here.







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