10,000 in, and I’m about to use a speech mark!

As many of you will know, (though I’m not sure I should simply be assuming you’ve read my previous posts but, anyway), I’ve started writing a real novel. Not something necessarily experimental, instead simply a narrative which I would like to write. I reached 10,000 words tonight and it was within moments of finishing the sentence that sent me over the top of that meaningless mark that I realised, so far, there hadn’t been any speech.

None whatsoever. Now, this is a problem of mine, though a great deal of it is because I write in an (prepare yourself for the massive ego to kick in here) almost Joycean manner, were the first person narration allows fairly long segments which can bear little or no relevance to the current situation.

I like this kind of writing, though I am certain many people do not. People, in my experience, (however limited that may be), prefer quick, snappy pieces of prose, if they prefer prose at all. Brief, action-packed conversations, preferably revolving around some form of relationship, or discussing how to disarm some nuclear bomb set in the heart of Paris.

But, anyway, seeing as I have reached something that could, for whatever reason, be called a milestone, and I am just about to begin some actual ‘in narrative’ speech, I thought I’d let you all know how the first draft is coming along.

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