A Second Novella!

The God Metaphor will be available on Amazon Kindle Store within a few days, and I’m currently working on finishing another piece which I think might enable this ‘Broken Polemic’ series to be suitable for a print release, possibly over Lulu; expect to hear more when I know exactly when it will be released!


SGM_Front_Trial_Copyo my newest novella, or anti-novella as I prefer, is a combination of criticism and narrative and  the nonsense of our species.  The God Metaphor retains some of the criticism towards literature which characterised Adjective Narcissism, but takes a heavier focus on religion, spirituality, and the relationship between an author and his character. It should be out on Amazon at some point within the next few days, but until then, here is a very basic explanation of my reasoning behind the narrative.

This text is, at least to me, a little more controversial and a little more difficult than Adjective Narcissism was. I think it is obvious that I hold religion, of any sort, in contempt. That any belief is a folly, merely an exercise in the prevention of fear for those unwilling, for whatever reason, to believe that we are no greater than the dogs I can hear rutting in an alleyway several years ago, no different than the worms steadily advancing from the soil of my rear garden in some silent invasion, no more worthy of love and affection than mosquitos’ draining blood from dying children in Africa. But it fascinates me, as any sane man must be fascinated by the diseases of the mind.




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