Temporarily free (apparently offensive) novella!

Quick reminder guys; my second novella, God Metaphor (the one which people with strong and irrational religious beliefs have found quite offensive, for some reason unknowable to my poor addled mind), is free until friday the 25! If you do fancy giving it a go, now is probably the time to be grabbing it up!


God Metaphor is available here in the UK and here in the US.

8 thoughts on “Temporarily free (apparently offensive) novella!

      1. I will be happy too. Nothing is more validating for me as an inexperienced writer than calling out people who write nonsense.

      2. That’s so weird! I went to Amazon to get the freebie as soon as I saw this post, but now I look in my tablet and it’s not there. I must’ve had too much wine that day. Guess I’ll have to actually buy it.

      3. I’m really sorry to hear that! Ignoring the fact that I live in a Capitalist society which screams that value is placed in the income I recieve from the thing… Do you want me to send you a PDF of the thing? No one should have to miss out for drinking too much wine 😛

      4. Now you refer to it as ‘the thing.’ Lol. No worries. I will buy it. Put it towards a pint. I might need u to return the favor someday.

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