Thank you, and Last Free Day!

So, here we are! The last day of God Metaphor’s free Amazonian adventure! Thanks to everyone who decided to give it a go, even if you found it offensive, badly-written, impotent, jaded or innocent of that increasingly rare crime of meaning. Over this past week I have recieved emails from readers, some informing me that they were praying for me (and apparently suffering from the delusion that there is something to pray to), some saying they pitied me, that they hated me and, in one strange message, that they thought I was secretly a closet Christian.

Still doesn’t beat some woman wishing I got cancer for writing Adjective Narcissism, or being compared to Goddard, but I’m pretty happy with the reaction!

If you did manage to read it, even if only a page or two before the annoyingly framed prose and lack of coherence drove you away, I appreicate the time you gave to me and mine.

So, y’know, cheers, I guess!

Adjective Narcissism is available in the UK and the US.
God Metaphor is also avalaible in the UK and the US (and is also free until tonight, Friday the 25th of July!)

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