Replicating George R.R. Martin’s Minimalism?

George R.R. Martin has, quite infamously, said that he possesses two computers. One is, as you would expect, connected to the internet, and on that he plays games, checks his emails, watches adoring fans scream hatred at him every time a beloved character has certain body parts removed, but the other is an old DOS, running Wordstar 4.0.

Now that is one of the most bareboned, minimalist programs anyone could use, and that is why Martin likes it. He takes issue with the interference offered by modern word-processing software, thinly disguised as assistance, to the degree that he hates it when it changes a lower case to an upper case. (I kind of feel bad for the digital paperclip which stalked me throughout my entire childhood, if George R.R. Martin ever finds the time to turn his mind to that particular enemy.

Anyway, this is going to be the next ‘Experiment’ I attempt, though not using a DOS or Wordstar. I’m looking at other minimalist ways in the act of writing, and it is entirely likely I’ll end up just using a pen and paper for the most part of this experiemnt, and perhaps just type it up afterwards? Or I may attempt to find some other, equally minimalist, software which I can use to emulate Martin’s affectation.

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