1st or 3rd Person? What do you think?

If you’d like to check out a sample of either style you can find some 1st person stuff here, (which is the introduction for my first novella, Adjective Narcissism) or you can read Desperate Light, a short story I wrote in one night, the final part of which is coming out tonight!


As some of you will know, for a good few weeks now I have been working on a much longer piece, possibly even a novel, (as if I want to be a part of that ecclectic group whom always seem to be working on some magnum opus) to which I have given the title of the Caitiff, for reasons. Well, previously I wrote in the 1st person, as that was the style to which I had become accustomed, particularly in both of my novellas, but after writing The Desperate Light I have a desire to attempt a change into the 3rd person. Now, that would mean rewriting the thing, which I already have a little over 40,000 words written down, so it’ll set me back a bit but here’s why:

  • I feel that, whilst the first person worked well for the novellas (both of which came out around 22,000 words) in conjunction with my writing style seems a little thick for this longer piece, perhaps a little intense to read, too many metaphors and the like, which are problems I tend to have when writing anyway.
  • I’ve reached something of a standstill when I arrive at the boring, albeit necessary, parts of the narrative, the travelling from place to place etc, which I cannot find a way to skip past whilst in the 1st person. I feel compelled to tell it all, to describe the world in it’s entirety if we are to see it through this character’s eyes.
  • Because of this reluctance to skip parts that are dull, I feel as though the narrative is suffering a bit, and it might be better served sacrificing some of the in-depth character evaluation for a more coherent, and easily readable experience. I tend to dislike leaning towards coherency in my writing, prefering to make it thick and difficult and, I hope, intellectually challenging, but for a longer piece that may not be a good idea.

What do you guys think? If I stick up a sample of each style, once I’ve written some of the 3rd person version, I might just leave it up to the meagre attention I recieve from you, and decide which to go for. At the minute, I’m leaning towards the 3rd person, I’ll admit, but that’s simply because I can’t find a reason to write as I normally do (which few people seem to enjoy) simply because my mind is telling me ‘That’s what I want to do!’

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