Not just self-advertising… I promise!

Just a quick update guys! As something of a celebration, because my next post will be my hundredth and I’ve had this little blogy-thing for a whole year now, my first Novella, Adjective Narcissism, will be free on Amazon on Thursday the 31st of July! That, for anyone without a calendar beside them, is tomorrow! So, y’know, if you want a free eBook that’s quite a quick read, I’d recommend it! Well, obviously I would, I wrote the damn thing.

anjc edited-1-page-001

You can also check out the one, and only, ‘official’ review that it got over here, if you’re a little dubious about whether you’d enjoy it, mostly due to my inability to offer a realistic description of the thing.

You can grab it here:

In other news, I’m going to do another ‘Literary Experiment’ tomorrow night, in which I attempt to replicate a famous author’s writing method. Tomorrow I’m going back to basics and am going to write using my notepad from university, a lack of technology inspired, not only by all those authors who came before modern PC’s (i.e, most of the better ones), but also by George R.R. Martin’s use of very basic word-processing software. The thing will be typed up for posting on here, but I won’t change anything about it, not even grammar or spelling, just as I didn’t for the Desperate Light, my Kafka’s ‘Night of Creativity’ inspired piece.

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