A (very brief) Hachette/Amazon Overview

This is just a very brief opine of mine, expect afuller post-type-thing when I’m not cripplingly exhausted.

I don’t mind saying that I, as an aspiring author, middle-class apathetic revolutionary and general idiot understanding the joys of capitalism whilst holding communist views and knowing that I’ll only be happy when I can afford to do what Lennon wanted, and buy an island where I can live with a select group of friends and an inarguable supply of alcohol, have been following this Hachette Vs Amazon thing, to which the media are gravitating like flies. Who knew so much bullshit would attract a crowd?

Anyway, before I wrote this I’ve done a little reading, from various sources. If the source comes directly from Amazon, or is advertising Amazon its webpage, then it is obvious what they say. Amazon is trying to help the consumer! If we make eBooks cheaper then, of course, more people will read them! The customer can enjoy great ‘literature’ (although I don’t think they know what that word means) at a fraction of the cost!

Great! What isn’t to love about that!

Of course, from these Amazon supporters, Hachette is a money-grabbing collective, an elitist society who think that the consumer should have to pay as much for their eBooks as they do for their print version! Heresy, of course! Fire up the torches Szkutak! Sharpen the stakes Bezos!

Hachette, of course, are a collective of individuals fighting the good fight for freedom against the evil of Amazonian monopoly. Remember DC’s Flashpoint, when the Amazons invaded Europe? Yeah, like that. Hachette think they’re the parallel dimension version of the Justice League. From Hachette’s point of view and, it seems, most of the literary industry, Amazon has no right to charge such exorbitant interest rates (30%) on products that it has no involvement in.

So, what we can gather, is that both of these corporations are huge, money-grabbing arseholes and both think they’re right, as humanity is wont to do.

Now that Douglas Preston (who seems to think writing in seclusion somehow makes him more literary and is also looking more and more like Stephen King every day) has released this letter, demanding for people to email Bezos (Amazon’s chief executive) with the very phrase ‘stop using writers as hostages in your negotiations’.

Now, this is by no means a neutral analysis of the situation. I have no respect either for the money-grabbing Amazonians or the money-grabbing Hachettetes, (Hachettians, Hachettites?). Whilst this issue seems to polarise people, at least writers, the only people who seem to actually care, I don’t see why. Orwell told us to fight totalitarianism, not business. Let the two groups of fuckwits work it out themselves.

As an aside, I think I am going to remove my novellas from Amazon. It hardly becomes such a posing anarchist as myself to use their ‘service’ whilst proclaiming that money is evil. I, obviously, do not think money is evil, I just find the people who love it are sycophants and those who hate it are failed-revolutionaries.

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