Another Update!

Recently, particularly whilst I was imprisoned in that hospital, I felt an old temptation. A temptation I haven’t felt since… *dramatic music starts and I look into the middle distance at nothing, cos I’m so damn full of mystery*

I want to play World of Warcraft again; I know, I know, bring on the groans and the vague sense of disgust. You see, I never really got into it when I was younger; oh sure, I enjoyed playing it occasionally, but it never stabbed its little claws into my breast as I saw it do other people, and I spent half the time debating with a few human characters as to the legitimacy of an invasion, with them saying the Horde ‘stole’ territory and us big, burly Night Elf warriors claiming that they took it by strength of arms and that they had the right to hold it until we could take it back.

I’m sure Ayn Rand would have been very proud of me.

But, anyway, I never got past level 30, and I preferred Civilisation, Total War and Freedom Fighters to WoW so I played them more.

Because, of course, I’m still unemployed and still living off of a mixture of my parents’ charity and what miniscule income my eBooks have brought me (they’ve paid for a Guinness or two, so I can’t really complain, I know I’m in a much better position than a lot of people my age), so I’m going to use the free trial which may only get me to level twenty, but I can’t really see myself becoming as hooked on the game as a lot of people seem to. MMO’s never really do hold my attention for long.

So, yeah, I’m going to give Wow a try, so expect a Ramblings On… on it sometime soon; as well as a few more parts of that State of Decay thing and possibly even a sneaky preview of this much, much longer piece I’ve been working; possibly even a novel-length piece by this point!

2 thoughts on “Another Update!

  1. I’ve been in and out of WoW for all of ten years. I’ve months, even years at some points with little to no interest in it, then I’ll just feel the pull. The last time I can back was when the panda expansion hit, and I’ve been in ever since. Two things are keeping me in the game. A better solo experience (bring on the wowkemon) and friends who want me to come play with them. Saying that, too much could burn me out again, all things in moderation.

    1. I only found out about the Wowkemon when I read this; the game suddenly seems a lot more interesting!
      However I’ve started a few characters, Blood Elf Warrior, Worgen Hunter, Pandaren Monk and Orc Shaman, and there doesn’t really seem to be much in the way of gameplay difference. Perhaps it is, simply, because they are still all quite low-levels, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to start specialising them yet, but the gameplay seems to be more mechanical than I remembered, to the point that I can keep my fingers on the 1, 2 and 3 keys during a fight and alternate between them whenever they spin from grey to coloured again. Whilst this may be fairly standard fare for an MMO, particularly the big-daddy of MMO’s, it doesn’t really engender itself to interesting gameplay. I suppose it IS more community-based and solo play is simply a long grind with little actual reward, so I’m going to give playing with a few people who love it a try and see if that manages to outweigh the borderline dullness of tapping a few keys until whatever variation of the same monster I’ve killed a hundred times already drops dead.

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