A Madness

Here is the second of the three ‘poems’ (image my fingers making the gesture and my voice adopting a tone of severe, embarrassed sarcasm) I discovered on my old iPod, this was last looked at three hundred and seventy two days ago.

Enjoy ‘A Madness’! (Or don’t, I’m not a totalitarian, do what you damn well want!)

An Eternity tastes wrong,
between these twisted teeth of mine,
as the night trickles down
into this blood-tinted sky.
I raise my glass to it,
in a whim as portentous as
any action Nostradamus
might have made.
A madness, that is what I say;
that is what God inflicted on us all.
And the future I foretell occurs,
and the empty glass slams atop the table.

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