Here’s the last of the three ‘poems’ I found on my old iPod, entitled ‘Acidity’. (Can you tell none of these three had names, so I’ve just randomly given them ones from their own lines?) Thanks for reading my old student rubbish! I appreciate it!

Just us, a foolish drunk
and a drunken fool;
I don’t know which sits in my seat,
wears my hair
and bears my scars.

Honestly, I love the fucker that does,
as I love the fucker that doesn’t.
Oh, the cadaverously thin
and the thinly cadaverous.

We maintain these reflections of ours carefully,
whilst never saying a word,
about what it says
about us,
what it tells the world we are.

Why should we care?

When pretension rules the world of my education,
and the arrogance of generations
twists and beats down upon me
like the poisoned rain from acidic sky;

on a tainted earth and
in soil long dead.

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