Update & Take A Drink!

In my ever-growing search, to look amongst the old things I wrote when I first started university, and laugh at how awful they are, I decided to charge up and check out my old iPod. Guess what I found in the notes section? Three more ‘poems’, which I will subject you to momentarily.

First, however, I would ask you to cast your mind back a few weeks, or months, to when I wrote The Desperate Light as part of a little experiment thing in which I could only write that one night and couldn’t edit it afterwards. You still with me? Good, cos’ I’ve done something similar over the past few hours, and I’ve given myself until two a.m to finish it. That makes it approximately six hours long and I really hope I get time to finish it. In that time I also include the designing of the accompanying image, which I can use either pictures I take within the time or images which I have had saved on my PC for a while.

Anywho, thanks for reading and I’ll probably upload the thing tomorrow, because it will need some formatting (margins and all that shizz) done to it, after I’ve finished writing it. Without further ado, here is Take A Drink; a ‘poem’, if it is worthy of that honorific, that I last looked at three hundred and eighty five days ago.

A drunkard, a fool,
a madman and a whore.
Each of them,
an example of the others,
with stains in their hair,
fire in their veins,
tears amongst the grain of their flesh.

They told themselves
that they’d have done
they could to leave this place behind;

They haven’t.

It never changes, so,
they set the balls a-rolling again,
placing them in their cage.

They take a drink and play the game.
They take a drink and laugh,
they take a drink and swear.
They take a drink and curse each other,
and then they take a drink.
They nod their heads in sage wisdom,
like they knew what they did to themselves,

what they did to each other

and they take another drink.

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