A Fridge In Liverpool

Part of my recent desire to dump a few of my PC’s images on this blog thing; I don’t know why. Some existentialist compulsion, no doubt, that tends to be my excuse for most things these days.

So, for the whole 12 of you who have read God Metaphor (remember that you can still check out the review here and the first 20% absolutely free on Smashwords here, if you want to properly understand this post), does this little image look familiar to you at all?

Horrifying, isn’t it? It’s like the language of the next stage of human evolution, part of some constant down-grading of the mind.

Ah, really? Well, that’s a crippling disappointment. If your answer HAD been yes, I would have responded with ‘That’s right, this is the fridge from the start of the actual narrative segment of the eBook,’ (if it can actually be called that). I know, it’s absolutely hideous isn’t it? But this is what teenage girls do to their kitchens, supposedly.

This was the fridge of the student accomodation in which a couple of my friends lived, just off of Lime Street in Liverpool. I think it was the night we went to see the Superbowl at a local sports bar, and I fell asleep after a few Jaffa Cake flavoured cocktails, several pints of Guiness, a bottle of Trooper or two and a good helping of some pretty damn unpleasant wine; the fact that the game was boring as hell, and I just turned on my Bob Dylan and closed my eyes, probably didn’t have much to do with me actually falling asleep.

So, we came back a little before it finished and I volunteered to sleep in the living room so I could do some writing before bed; I may also have left corrections and marks on some of the scripts one of the girls was writing, as well as a little advice which I probably wasn’t, and still are not, qualified to give. I guess drunk me is a little narcissistic… Who knew?

I’ve not been to their new places in Liverpool, but I’m going next week. I don’t drink as much as I did when I was a student, but it’s only been a few months since I officially left Uni. I guess we’ll have to see how my tolerance has held up!

Remember, you can check out some actual narrative stuff I’ve written by taking a peek at the ‘Things I’ve Written’ bar up and to your right, if you’re on the actual blog-site, instead of the Reader.

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