Never A Muse.

Hey, here’s some more bad poetry from the depths of my phone’s memo section! I feel like I need to incorporate more images in these post type things so, although I couldn’t find an image which would go well with this old, old piece of nonsesnse, but expect something of an ‘image dump’ shortly, where some of the old pictures are used in ill-fitting accompaniement.

You were never an inspiration,
For all that I made you one;
For all those imagined perfections,
You were never a muse to me.

I didn’t love you.
I didn’t know what love was,
I’m incapable of ,
what’s the word?

Oh, Love.
So how could I have ever loved you?

I surrounded myself in foreign scents,
To get yours out of my sinuses,
and I didn’t need to.

You drove me to suicide,
but my last note will be a novel;
I’ll make damn sure you never get to read it.


Thanks for reading guys! The above picture came from the bathroom of an ugly little bar in Manchester called The Temple; one of those overly ‘alternative’ places which attracts an incredibely boring clientelle and only plays the very worst of great musicians’ work, cos’ they’re geniuses and can appreciate low-quality music. I think they had one Tom Waits album on their jukebox though, so that wasn’t too bad.

Me and a friend of mine had wanted to go in this bar for two years, cos’ it looks really grimy and cool from the outside, but we went on a pub crawl and tried it out and they’ve even got flowers on the goddamned tables. Flowers! In a ‘Punk’ bar! What’s the world coming to! I was expecting the jawbones of police officers or the femurs of accountants as decoration, not bleedin’ flowers! (Not that I’m endorsing violence, but it would’ve made the place a little more unique!) Although if the flowers has been convinced to bleed, I would’ve been a little more impressed.

Also guys, remember, if you’re on the actual blog-site thing and you look up and to your left, you should see a ‘Thing’s I’ve Written’section. There are a couple of free short stories there, even if you ignore the two experimental stuff, and one is available only through this blog, whilst the other can be downloaded from Smashwords!

You should check ’em out! Or, you know, don’t. I’m not a fascist, make your own choices!

Live Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Or, you know, something vaguely Liberal like that.

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