Thought Over Belief

Dear reader, some time ago now, I was dragged to a Baptist wedding, somewhat against my will.

There, they had a preacher interupt the ceremony by launching into a rant which, to me, appeared non-sensical and paradoxical and, essentially, idiotic. However, I was very well behaved, and didn’t even try to get in a religious argument, mostly because it was my girlfriend’s friends and not my own. You can read more about this little event here, I’ve already gone over it once before.

Anyway, I took a copy of one of the books he was offering, entitled ‘Before You Say ‘I don’t Believe” by the Christian author Roger Carswell. Within the pages of this book the writer asks a series of question, questions I have decided to answer, in much the same way that he has.

I hope you find the time to read these answers as I write them and I would certainly recommend picking up this book, or any example of Christian (or any religion’s) essential propaganda. It makes for some interesting reading.

I have decided to title this little rebuttal of mine ‘Thought Over Belief’; at least, as a working title. If, at any point, you find yourself disagreeing with me then, by all means, argue your point; I look forward to a few, hopefully, interesting debates.

I would like to point out that I am not simply writing this as a point of disagreement; I will try to be fair but, as an Atheist with some fairly strong opinions (which I will try to mute, but I fear they will eventually break through my sense of fairness) it is likely I will disagree with his arguments more often than not and I, already, object to some of the techniques the writer uses within the book.

Thank you.

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