Of Want & Of Need

Another bad ‘poem’ from a few minutes break today, whilst I was making a cup of tea. Any excuse to get a few extra seconds off of work, am I right?

Somewhere, along the twisted line of your life,
spinning to itself between the blades of the Norn,
you crossed the definitions
of want, and of need.

You agree with me, on variations of philosophy,
and you argue with great vehemence despite
your judgements of plain right and wrong;
planted by a tax-exempt institution; a seed.

There’s a picture of you, in a Choir boy’s dress,
and a piano in your front room you refuse to play;
you like to look tragic,
and to pretend that your flesh is a constant bleed.

A wound you cannot close against the old,
and scars you cannot convince to form,
whilst you starve and waste yourself
on the latest products from your eCommerce stores,
with a deliberate misunderstanding,
of Want and of Need.

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