Another quick *cough cough* ‘poem’ *cough cough*, written in the time it took me to make a cup of tea in the brand new mug my girlfriend’s parents brought back from Germany (it’s about three times the size of every other mug we own, woop woop!) and a couple of slices of toast.

I remember struggling,
to concentrate on the contours of your body,
whilst African children stared at me,
in horror,
from a pixelated screen.

I remember promising,
to beat you to death and it wasn’t
really a promise, but instead,
a challenge;
well race each other to our dreams.

I remember refusing,
to say that I loved you in the Skelmersdale rain;
the sounds of an abandoned debauchery
cutting through the water,
accompanied by ignorant screams.

I remember ignoring
you whilst I tried to pump life,
back into the love of my youth.
In vain,
and losing myself in images and memes.

I remember gifting
what money I had for your morning meal.
I’d never known hunger like that which I felt,
whilst watching your rub your stomach,
and I looked on, my flesh taut and my muscles lean.

I remember struggling,
to remember why I loved you,
as you wasted your laughter on thieves,
of thought and money,
paedophile grins,
staring at us both,

2014-12-12 00.24.28

from a pixelated screen.

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