The Ideals Of Humanity

Y’know, it’s an incredible world we live in. I think it is somewhat fascinating how humanity seems to have committed some kind of lobotomy upon itself; how we’ve applied blinkers to our own eyes.

Of course, I’m no better; I worry about being able to afford Christmas presents for people I don’t like that much, when the money I’ve spent on one or two presents alone could easily have paid for a few meals, a new coat or pair of shoes for a homeless person, or the train fare home for some poor guy to see his family over Christmas.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 20.58.14
Ah social media; sometimes I forget why, exactly, I avoid you like the plague.

Anyway; here’s some more knocked-off poetry, for what little it is worth.

Frown at me, creature,
when you slump into your seat with such
arch your eyebrows
and hate me, that you might avoid the images
of such malnutrition.

A starvation of thought,
they lean together in a door way across the street;
and scream such brave abuse at the stop.
Their bald heads glimmer in the rain
and the LED streetlights weigh them down
as if there had never been any room at the top.

We slide, inexorably,
from the ideals of humanity and we dance
on the strings of agile marketing,
adaptive, holistic, responsive design.
Written by one-eyed women who loathe their lives
and tell themselves it is only a stop gap; targeting
their ideal lives, with a skin-tone plaster,
A short-sleeved jumper in winter,
and, on their desks, a box of aspirin.

I’m tired of complaining,
But is that not an English thing to do?
So how can I but fail to fight my nature,
as a narcissist, as a hypocrite,
and a malefactor when you,
are so easy to hold in contempt,
as I am so easy to hate?

This was written in a little under two minutes; so that’s why it doesn’t really rhyme, or have a structure.

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