A (Temporarily) Rejected Idea!

So, The Caitiff is pretty much done. I’m going to wait until after Christmas, I think, to buy an ISBN for it; although the most prudent thing is probably to stick the eBook on Amazon and hope for a little income to add to that saving; which will no doubt take some months in my current unemployed state (Damn you Christmas!).

Anywho, at the minute the chapters are, quite simply, labelled I, II, III et cetera, but I had an urge, a few minutes ago, to offer each of them an individual name; a line from a poem or something. So, in a few seconds, I took a couple of the basic components of each chapter and cobbled together a horrible little poem-type-thing, which completely fails to enter into the spirit of The Caitiff’s tone or character; so, obviously, I’m going to throw it to your guys!

Hey, Content is Content, right? At least this one rhymes!

I wished that this was all an illusion,
And the empty bottles are an uglier protrusion;
Then the thought of work and stolen statues,
are a cancer on my decent attitudes.

And I am reflected in the broken window panes,
like a suicide in the headlines;
I find love in the darkest of lanes,
and do my best, to nurture it, in the face of time.

With cheap foreign food and conversation,
I contribute to its death, drowning in creativity;
I will not be another statistic in this broken nation;
another suicide from heart disease and inactivity.

And my family have found their peace,
as I wish I might enjoy the same;
and I cannot help but harbour some vague belief
that my Artist never told me her name.

And I will make my home beneath the waves.

So, what do you guys think; about the concept, more than the above knocked-off poem? I’d obviously spend a lot more time on it than I have done with these poems I upload (with the exception of Albert Docks), so if people think it’s a good idea, however unoriginal, I’d love to hear it!

I’m also tossing around a few ideas for the cover, so expect to see a few random images popping up over the next few days!

As always, Thanks For Reading!


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