Continuum #1: Media Studies

So, this is a little new thing I’m trying out. For some things I have written, I haven’t really had the chance to explain some of the opinions I put forward in them, particularly in The Maddening Dark and my Broken Polemic series; so I’d like to start doing short, snappy little continuations of single lines to, maybe, ask a question or two relating to the quote, or just expand on the point a little.

As an added bonus, this means I’ll actually have the time to write something, until I finally end this internship of mine and I can get back to wasting my life as an unpaying profession, rather than an unpaying, untenable hobby.

‘In my Utopia, every child would have to study Media as a core skill!’ – John Carey’s The Maddening Dark

Strange, isn’t it, how the study of media has been awarded such a negative reaction; the idea that Media Studies isn’t a real subject, that it is an easy grade.
If I were in charge of the education system, particularly around high school age, I would replace around half of English Literature with study of the modern media.

The simple fact is that many young students simply don’t care about literature, even if it is supposed to appeal to them, through focuses on To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord Of The Flies and Catcher In The Rye; and that most students fail to comprehend, on any level above the most banal, the purposes of these texts.

I would encourage children to scepticism with regards to the media, particularly to advertisements, so that they are capable of not being swayed by the obvious imagery that ‘mostly’ vile profession employs.

Strange, too, how this image of Media Studies as a low-rent course has been portrayed by the media. That would be like a spiritual person arguing against theology and science, an artist arguing against Art as a study or an accountant describing mathematics as a waste of a subject.

Why would media outlets and advertisers want people to study their content, to expose the ways that they use imagery and language and fact to create a certain image of certain people and products? For all that education is supposed to prepare us for the world, it doesn’t prepare us for society; not like personal experience does.

The research of real things, of unlearning traditional ways of thinking and warring against absolutism, against every opinion until you reach the point where you realise just how on the fence you are, and you can start to see things logically instead of being blinded by unchallenged opinions.

Shameless Self-Advertising! – Remember, you can read or download The Maddening Dark for free in PDF form by clicking on the link or in the ‘Things I’ve Written’ category, along with a couple of other pieces, including my recent tri-poem, Albert Docks.

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