A Name

So, I’m pretty damn tired – I couldn’t tell you why. This is one from my back pages – found on my old phone before I tossed it a few months ago. It didn’t come with a name, so we’ll give it what it deserves.

Ladies and Gentlemen – A Name.

The rains of winter left
the walls of Jericho standing. But,
by the whims of nature or
unintelligent design,
they left your name
tracing through the ice.

And I let you smoke your cigarettes,
outside my door. Whilst
you stared into the rain and
watched trailing smoke disappear,
I murmured your name
alone in my niceties.

And you caught the taxi,
with taillights vanishing into
the unbearable night.
I stalked the streets of Salford,
chewing, like meat in the mouth,
around your name,
and I looked for something to burn.

2014-12-11 19.13.53
I can’t really remember much about this picture, just that it was cold, and dark, and raining and I was waiting for someone to turn up so I played around in the memo section of my phone for a few minutes.

I burn the ice instead,
with the whiskey you bought,
and left,
recycled through my biology –

In your name.

Thanks for reading! 

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