The Caitiff: Publishing Decision!

So, I’ve decided that I won’t try and get The Caitiff published in the traditional manner. I did have a long post explaining, in great detail – with a few fairly humorous jokes, and obscure references to better people than myself, thrown in – why this was but it essentially boils down to these two points.

  • I intend to retain complete creative control over my own work; I don’t necessarily want to have to change what I’ve written to further appeal to any audience – Also, I enjoy taking my own pictures and using what miniscule editing skills I have to create front covering images for my work; admittedly, this tends to mean getting drunk and taking pictures of pub cubicles, but I’m also okay with that!
  •  I haven’t found a publishing house which I am wholly satisfied with – I hoped to find some small, punk-esque publishing house but most of the indie publishers I have seen appear to be obsessed with putting out the same ‘romantic’ drivel which tends to sell. Of course, I have no problem with this – I get that they need to make their money back, at the least, and my work is not one which will ever be likely to attract an enviable audience.

Of course, by doing it this way it makes it all the more likely that The Caitiff will go unread – I also lose any marketing or advice I might otherwise have received from the publishing house, meaning that I have to go this journey alone.

It also means that I require an income to pay for the necessary ISBNs if I want the novel to ever be seen in paperback format – which I do.

So, I have decided to release The Caitiff as an eBook first and, when it brings in enough for me to purchase an ISBN, then I shall offer it as a paperback through Lulu – How’s that? Kind of an unofficial crowd-funding, you might say?

I shall give myself until the end of this month to stare at it mournfully, to consider deleting it – starting again or abandoning my last few month of writing to the winds – or to complete its editing, and then I will decide whether or not I honestly think it is good enough to attribute my name to.

I am taking this somewhat more seriously than I did either Adjective Narcissism or God Metaphor, in that I make my decisions regarding the piece whilst completely sober! Imagine that!

So, what do you guys think? Do you have any ideas, advice or suggestions as to how The Caitiff should be published, or if it should ever be released at all? If you want to check out an example of The Caitiff from an older draft, click here!

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