The Caitiff – An Overlong Sentence?

When I was writing the Caitiff, I decided I needed to make the language a lot simpler and the structure a lot less convoluted if I wanted to be an actual narrative, rather than the kind of half experimental nature which rules my Broken Polemic series. So, I did, I cut sentences down, moved them around, split them and replaced words with shorter alternatives.

Suffice to say, I think the whole thing is somewhat stronger as a result, definitely easier to read, anyway.

However, there is one sentence, close to the end of the narrative which I have left a little too long. 423 words long, to be precise. Now, I like this sentence, though don’t ever ask me to repeat it verbatim, and I think it encourages a certain confusion, a quickening of the pace and an anger which matches that the character feels.

I think, one day, I would like to write a short story, or a novella, in only one sentence. Sure, I can use semicolons and hyphens and possibly even parenthesis, but I think it could be quite an exercise in the technical side of writing, even if that exercise can cost some of the emotion which is equally as important.

But, anyway, this is by far the longest sentence I have ever written and, I hope, it translates in the manner that I expect it to; whilst it may provide the right emotion within me, that might simply be because I attribute that emotion to those words and that quickened style.

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