Hey, Anyone Fancy Pre-Reviewing?

So, as you’ll have no doubt noticed by now, if you’re a regular reader anyway, that The Caitiff comes out on Friday the 13th of February.

One of the last remaining Homo Sapiens, Cedric Healy is trapped – trapped by his good job with its high prospects, trapped by a personal morality in a world evolved beyond the need for one and trapped by his refusal to worship the Money-God. He believes that his freedom lies in himself, in the separation of the body and the mind, but can there ever be such a distinction in the suffocation of Northern England?

Caitiff_cover _1
I swear, I’ll get over this unhealthy obsession with pub toilets one of these days!

Though I’ve thrown the odd sentence at the end of a few other things, I haven’t really talked about the upcoming release of my first full-length narrative – that’s right, an actual narrative in place of the experimental novellas I wrote when I was just finishing university. I’m not saying that I think this piece is worthier than those Broken Polemics, necessarily, but that this might be easier to read.

It is still quite dense, and the narrative itself is still deliberately sparse, but within the setting I think that it makes perfect sense. I mean, of course, I’m biased – how could I not be; I wrote the bloody thing? Still, for genuine reasons of personal interest – feeding into my own desperate need for approval – and, of course, the obligatory marketing efforts I need to make if I want anyone to read The Caitiff, I’d like to get a few people reading the thing before it comes out.

With that in mind, I was just wondering, do any of you guys know about any books blogs or reviewing websites which I might be able to send the eBook over to? Or, if anyone needed anything to read at the minute, I could send the eBook straight to anyone willing to read it?

Try, if you will, to ignore the horrible note of scrabbling desperation I cannot help but feel that those questions contain; even if nobody wrote reviews on the damn thing after they read it (or got as far as they could through it) then I’d still be happy to know that the eBook itself was being read.

Anyway, please let me know if you hear know anyone/anywhere, or you fancy giving it a try yourself!

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