The Caitiff – Pargraph Extract #6

As The Caitiff‘s release date draws closer and closer, I’ve found myself having to qualify the expectations of those few people who know the eBook is actually coming out; particularly myfamily, who somehow seem to think I’ll be on This Morning in a matter of months trying to explain what went wrong with worldwide literature – To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know if This Morning is still on! I’ve told them that I would be lucky to get two or three copies sold and that, if anyother platform had the infrastructure and ease of Amazon, then I’d be giving it away. They didn’t like it when I said that.

Anyway, here’s the 6th day paragraph extract – I hope you enjoy it, even if it is a bit flowery!

I crossed the room and opened the blind. Lines of light, like the reflections of distant horizons, cut the air and separated particles of dust into the visible and the camouflaged. It seemed, for a time, to be an intermittent sheet of white passing through the air, an ascendant fluorescence visible only in the bodies of those bright intruders. I find it hard, even now, to explain the hope that passed through me then. It had no comprehensible source, if any hope can be said to have such a thing, but was instead a spontaneous form of joy. I saw the dust, twisting around itself in great and, yet, unknowable storms; I saw it disturbed by my passage and knew, then, that I was alive. What did it matter to me that there was no God in distant clouds, skilfully dodging aeroplane wings and failed Russian satellites? What effect did it have on my life that, half a world away, children were starving by the roadside, whilst those whom had inherited wealth rode past in glittering sports cars? Who cared that a few minutes’ walk would take me to a burnt-out shell of a building, where the drunks and the drug-addicts and the homeless slumped on stolen mattresses and passed needles around as though they were some treasured object? What did I care that I couldn’t step outside my apartment without a camera aimed at my face, and that I was assured it was for my own safety?

As always, let me know if you fancy a full review copy!

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