The Burden?

So, now that The Caitiff is officially finished and soon to be available, I find myself in something of a strange position.

I’ve been working on this novel for months (it may not sound like that long but, believe me, it isn’t like I’ve had too much else to do – a solid 30 hours a week on a thing will get it done in next to no time at all, I assure you that!) and I find two things troubling me, namely; I now have a lot more time to go job hunting and the like and, with any luck, I’ll be able to find something to keep me from entering an even deeper level of poverty – I imagine it to be something like the seven circles of the Inferno, and I’m just milling around in purgatory at the moment – despite all this free time, I’ve found my motivation severely crippled.

Maybe I’m just drained, creatively anyway, or I’ve finally reached that level of apathy which breeds further apathy – like most unemployed people appear to become afflicted with.

Anyway, I’m ostensibly working on another piece in the Broken Polemic ‘series’, if you will, but that will take a lot longer to finish as it’s where I try out all my random narrative experiments and the like, but the news I actually wanted to share is that I’ve started on a new novella-length type thing, which I’ve given the tentative working title of ‘The Burden‘. Hardly unique, I know, but hear me out.

It follows a few days in the life of a man called Robert Amuigh and, already, I can see the influence of some of the many books I’ve read over the past few months creeping into my intended narrative and stylisation. There is Gide, of course, and perhaps a little Sartre in parts but the main influence by far is the work of Albert Camus, particularly The Stranger and The Outsider; two of my favourite novels of all time.

Anyway, I’ll be uploading it as it’s done, much in the same way I did with Albert Docks, The Maddening Dark and The Desperate Light; meaning it will go up as individual posts, and then I’ll tie them all together in a ahandy eBook or PDF file or something, so that they are freely available for download.

Thanks for reading guys; I think I’d have gone crazy with out having this kind of platform – as narcissistic as it is.

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