The Caitiff Free Week, Pre-Announcement!

Did that title read as clunky as it sounded when I wrote it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Also, if anyone fancies an early copy – for review purposes or simply because you’re Goddamn impatient, then just chuck me an email at and I shall happily oblige!

Ladies and Gentlemen; it is my pleasure, for a certain degree of pleasure at any rate, to announce that my first full-length novel, rather than nonsensical, experimental (but hopefully interesting) student novellas, will be available completely free for the week commencing February the 23rd. I’d advise you to hold off on rushing for it until it is free; as if any of you were actually champing at the bit.

Caitiff_cover _1
I’ll show off some of the other designs I had for the front cover over the next few days – that might be interesting, right?

Be assured, I shall remind you fairly often until the damn thing does go free!

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