The Caitiff’s Free Week Begins!

Hey, you! Yeah you! With the face and the chest and that little patch of skin that you really think you should go and see a doctor about! Did you know that, until this Friday – the 27th of February – my first full-length novel – The Caitiff – is completely free on Amazon? Well, that’s right! Why not add some north-west England, tentatively Existential, partly political and all round contemporary literary fiction to the shame pile you haven’t gotten around to reading yet?

Caitiff_cover _1
Yeah, I know; I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with the toilet cubicles in pubs – Don’t blame me, blame drunk, literary, artistically starved me. He’s a totally different guy. Bit of a dick sometimes.

Yeah, that’s right; this is the first day of my half-arsed attempt at marketing! Do you feel compelled to give it a try yet? Have I brainwashed and terrified you into picking up my eBook yet? No? Damn; I guess I’m not cut out for modern media.

However, if it did work, you can pick it up by searching it on Amazon or, alternatively, click here for:

Amazon UK – The Caitiff
Amazon US – The Caitiff

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