The Modern Rhapsode

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It’s available here in the US and here in the UK.

For a modern Rhapsode –
a Beatnik poet with Homer on his lips –
and to listen to his carefully discordant hair,
above his shirt’s high collar lips,
and his every word punctuated as an episode
defined by all the things that have occurred
in between here and there –
I would scream in the street and listen
to the carrion exchanging glances
and to each one thinking ‘How absurd!’.

And I would make him know the earth and rain,
in his bones,
for what are we not – just rain and earth –
just loose-carbon grabbing carbon,
and calling it our homes?
And the sun is a stain on the endless sky,
a travesty boiling existence,
and there are no poets,
only those who aspire to poetry.

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