Blatant (Not-Self) Advertising – For Once!

So, I don’t do this kind of thing very often, but a friend of mine has started up a gaming journalism blog-type-thingie over at ‘Not Another Video Game Blogger!’. He’s a really stand-up guy, he’s funny as anything George. W. Bush says and he has some genuinely interesting and unique opinions about aspects of gaming culture, and the direction that video games are heading, that always make me want to talk about them. I think half the gaming-related articles I ever posted occurred after conversations with this guy.

Look at that cheeky grin! Seriously though, he’s a top-notch journalist and gamer, and he’s one of the nicest, funniest mofo’s that you’ll ever meet. Well, not that you’ll ever meet. That I’ve ever met. Never mind, just go and check him out!


If I had to advertise his ‘blog’ in one sentence, I think it would be that ‘He, like me, hates calling the writing he does a ‘blog’’.

And that should tell your pretty much all you need to know!

Anyway, you should check him out! His latest article is about EA Access, and whether it’ll set a trend in the industry. It makes for really interesting reading!

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