Prepare To Be Inundated With Images!

I bought a new camera recently, as a spectacular treat for my 22nd birthday. As a result, I have done little more than take pictures of anything and everything I can get away with. When I say ‘get away with’, I mean I take pictures of those things that I would like to take pictures of, when nobody can see me.

The alleyway behind my house leads out over a entrance to a motorway; we used to call this the Bannana Bridge, when I was younger, because of the way it curved. I can’t remember when the weeds starting growing in it – they just seemed to have appeared one day.

You see, I have a natural shame with regards to being interested in anything. It is rare that I allow myself to be seen showing an active interest. I refuse to read on public transport, when someone might be close enough to see what I am reading – even though I am often filled with the desire to show off what I’m reading, because it makes me look so goddamn clever – I refuse to take pictures, I have a natural reticence when it comes to dancing. That last one is probably a good thing, actually, cos’ I can’t dance worth a damn anyway.

Anyway; I like taking pictures. I think I heard the phrase ‘shutterbug’ used when I was younger.
Still, I took my camera out for a whirl when I took the dog for our long weekend walk a few days ago. As well as the obligatory natural pictures, I realised how incredible the long pathways we walk down actually are. Whilst, in person, they look foul, to a camera they are winding roads.

They have, kind of, inspired me to start work on another little piece of poetry. However, with my new and incredible sense of literary worth – no doubt brought about by this recent refresh I have given my online presence (how’re you liking it, by the way?) – it is unlikely that it will be finished tonight.

Still, it was an excuse to show off my camera. Expect a lot more pictures to appear on this site in the future – yeah, I’m probably going to turn into one of those, aren’t I? I’ll be recording myself reading horrible books or playing video games and breaking into squeals of laughter next, won’t I?

In other news, I’m still working on rejiggering some of the site’s layout around – particularly creating permanent links to things I’ve written, rather than relying on the scabby-looking widgets! I think it’s likely I’m going to try and write some kind of ‘looking back on the last year’ type-thing for the stuff I’ve created. Maybe show off some of the poetry that I should really have displayed better – or proofread a few times, anyway.

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