Thinking & Voting Aren’t The Same Thing

A pointless little exercise in keeping you guys updated. Vaguely political, with a very brief opinion on the importance of thought in the process of political engagement.

For those of you who are unaware – seeing as we are a small, backwater nation, I can’t blame those of you who are unaware for not being aware – the United Kingdom’s General Election happened this past week. We expected something of a hung parliament, and many of us where expecting the Conservatives to partner up with UKIP, in order to gain the majority in Parliament.

The Tories, who only took control at the last election by inviting the Liberal Democrats into a coalition, now control the control with a majority. The Tories stand for, essentially, themselves. They are in power to ensure that the rich have easier lives, that public spending is drastically cut, and – if you ask most people who disagree with them – want to see a return to a heavily class-based society, where the wealthy stay wealthy, where they are the only ones able to gain a real university education and are the only ones capable of taking on the highest-paid and most important jobs.

There are thousands of reasons why Labour lost the election; from the people’s lack of faith in its leader, Ed Miliband, to the rapidly growing sense of nationalism which has overtaken Scotland (typically one of Labour’s biggest areas of support) to the rise of UKIP and other, smaller parties, which have scavenged votes away from the Lib Dems and Labour, whilst the traditional Tories, with their public austerity and their cocaine-fuelled upper-echelon, have barely lost any of their votes.

Of course, I do not support Labour either; just as I do not support the Greens, the Lib Dems, UKIP, the SNP – I do not believe that anyone is more qualified to tell me how to run my life than me, and I do not believe that I should have to sacrifice what tenebrous, internal freedom that I have by engaging in a political system of any kind. Like an increasing number of people, I do not want to engage with politics in any way. I think the final figure was something like 46.7% of the entire country did not exercise their right to vote.

I didn’t. I, like most people who like to think themselves creatives, want to know freedom – even though I would not survive for more than a few weeks. I would like complete freedom; I would like to be free of people, of sensation, of everything – I would like to commit a social suicide, I think.
Still – I have an active disengagement with politics. I make sure that I understand just what these parties are attempting to do – I follow the lies, the scandals, and the inhuman views. So long as we remain trapped in this shitty little system, I support the vote – just as I support the decision not to vote, so long as one has intelligent reasoning behind it. I propose the idea of thought, a rare concept in England these days, over blind obedience, hero-worship or mindless servitude. I support the individual over the celebrity.

Of course, I am not really a humanist – I would have liked to have been, but most people revolt me – It is impossible to truly love these people; it is impossible to genuinely hold them in any kind of affection.

Still, one thing which is held to be universally true, in almost all cultures – despite evidence to the contrary – is that suffering breeds creativity; breeds genius. I have seen little of this, over the past five years, but with any luck the upcoming oppression will encourage some genuine art, some revolutionary content, some anarchistic political works that can stand on their own feet.

The international audience might well be thinking along the lines that ‘Of course the English are conservatives!’ just as it is easy to consider all American gun-toting jackasses in pickup trucks and drinking Coors-light. Up here, in the North-West, we still have abandoned factories and mines and mills standing against the skyline, stark and resolute against over-priced apartment buildings and empty shopping galleries. I try not to romanticise it too much, because the North is a shitty, grimy place, but I’d rather live up here than amongst the slack-jawed, feverish-eyed, money-grabbing creatures who voted for the Conservatives.

The first changes we expect to be made, are that Fox-Hunting will be brought back into effect as soon as Cameron can climb down from his self-righteous cocaine high, and after that he is going to scrap the Human Rights. Make of that what you will.

2015-05-10 19.27.00
These are just a few of the notes for the thing I’m currently working on – I’m calling it Mychandra at the tmoment.


In other news, I’ve been writing again! I am working on a fairly short piece, which will take place over ten days, and I have also written a few short stories which, with any luck, will appear in an eBook that my old university is putting together.

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