Obvious influences are obvious.

Fat plump pigeon severe pace flagstone chewing gum texture/grey white black red speckled monarchy/crying in the gutter like poor student podium lecture/bully apes over bullied birds/anarchistic Tory fallacy/long short natural dead hair in herds/polyester vests and plastic suits – rapt attention to unique repeated digits/shake in the mornin’ sun like coke cans/dicks and labial fidget/under a veneer of sportsmanship/breath in the trails of motor vans/dream of golden hands and lips/these low-browed underbitten mutes – beat beat beat and stab the page/dead window sand filter sees them hammer braindead romance/Us Rs 8s mock fingertip age/hair scarred temples to black sequined gods/dicks in hand the lesbosii dance/racist white liquid sod/blurs image TV shoot – two wheeled roar glitter darkly dawn/scatters sleep from jobcentre supplicants/gather in ordered lines on the grey slate lawn/drink overslept exhaustion and smoke misery/wring nokia samsung apple applicants/repeated digit motion miserly/dream of pierced erections and cunts and acrid bardic lutes.

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