Born Banner-Blind

Drunk on a Norse god’s mead heavy air with it; coiled streetlights/diffused strength over kraken cobblestones/pulsate towards me/existence stretched fingers drag led onwards/a crowd of rejected harlequins/tears tattooed all down their bodies.

Vomit sweet tasting lines like ink murk in the sea see them rejected ignored lost/the madness of civilisation sanity/footstep swagger state if open-active tongue lips didn’t/bald black suit blood-resistant jacket bully’s eyesight through bile-based behaviours/the hum of howling oceans glittering coastline.


Go-tembo-training-karting the name snugworld beds in the game/this way to the old mill cafe two wheel mart/bleed bleed bleed brick-coating on the page numb figures shaking slip out away on non-slip surfaces/cigarette end at the start pour lighter fluid into litterbins/look look memory like perfume stains coal-coated lanes/born banner-blind broken.

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